Our Services

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get - Warren Buffett.  At Kodiak Consulting, we offer structural engineering consultancy services to architects, builders and clients.

We believe in early engagement in the design process to offer the best value engineering to clients. This philosophy has been gleaned from over 23 years’ experience in the construction industry, and it still drives us.

Using our up to date electronic design and drafting tools, we can engineer a structural building solution for you, whether it's a renovation, a new house or a commercial building. Contact us today, we are ready to talk about your next project!

Peer Reviews

We are proud to provide a Peer Review service of other engineer's designs as part of our range of skills. 

Products and design

Kodiak Consulting offers a full service of structural design and drafting for your next project. 

Site Observations

Kodiak Consulting offers another essential part of the building process. This is the site observation requirement of the Building Consent process.

Council documents

We provide excellent design solutions and clear calculations, backed up with Producer Statements (PS1) for design and (PS4) for construction.


We take you through the structural design process by firstly listening to what your project goals are.